Vacation OOTW + Hawaii Travel Diary // Summer Outfit Ideas ♡

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28 thoughts on “Vacation OOTW + Hawaii Travel Diary // Summer Outfit Ideas ♡”

  1. All these Hawaiian vibes!! You're such a wonder in these green landscapes. <3 My fav outfit is the "light brown tank top with the high waisted short" one , so classy 👌. My summer vacation gonna be in Edingurgh.. so clearly… none of these outfits will fit for the misty, rainy and cold weather of Scotland. (wich i like, this is why i'am going there in Summer. AVOIDING THE SUN) xD Love U Jess! 🙂 <3

  2. Aloha and mahalo. That’s awesome you and your hubby decided to go to Kauai. It’s a beautiful place to get away from the city life and experience the natural garden island.

  3. Hey Jess, it looks like you guys had so much fun, so happy for you! I personally loved the linen pants outfit (all of them). Those linen pants look great and will definitely be looking out to get myself some! Great video 🙂

  4. love love LOVE this jess! my family is going to maui on thursday (sadly i wasn’t invited since i’m working full time in AK this summer😕) but my next planned trip is california in july!

  5. Early squad! Love you Jess! I also love these kinds of videos – OOTW videos need to make a comeback. I haven't seen all of the video yet but I think the red off the shoulder number is my favourite. Also, Hawaii is gorgeous.

    Love from a small Youtuber

  6. Ahhh I hope you guys like this video!! 🙂 I worked so hard on it for literally 4 days straight hahaha I had so much footage to sort through!! What do you guys think of the format of this video, where I've mixed travel with fashion?? And let me know what your favorite outfit was! I think mine is the gold polka dot dress towards the end. Seriously so cute and absolutely love.
    You know- I really like how this video turned out; I think it's super fun and I think it's going to be a wonderful thing to look back on to remember such a special vacation with me and my husband. :') i hope everyone enjoys and i love you guys!!

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