Vacation Rebellion

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4 thoughts on “Vacation Rebellion”

  1. careful cowboy they're going to start calling you an ageist.

    Notice there's always a divide in every generation betixt rich and poor.
    The so called Greatest Gen – there were hard working people and filthy rich – course during the BIG ONE some of the wealthy did show up, but only in safe areas or because they wanted to run for office, like Bush41.

    Then the Boomers, another class divide, workers and the wealthy again.Like Bush 43. With a few GenXer hangovers. Boomer Gen should have extended to at least 1972..

    Then Millennials which are working to develop and pass down to their rich policy makers now, high tech scam artists and naive snowflake dogooders who don't want to work to the city of going nowhere.

    And zoomer, what a pain in the ass they will turn out to be, trad hunters and we'll believe anything you tell us without question and no hope.

    The working people probably had it best in the 1950s – vets home from the war and boomers kids coming up, but the environment suffered from "progress" not sure it was worth it for most. Still this so called "prosperity" was a short run in the time line of human history. Eventually, a behavioral sink will set in – already started. I'm sort of longing for pioneer days, but this time without the animals and savages that attack.

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