VACATION started off BADLY… Manila Travel Vlog

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21 thoughts on “VACATION started off BADLY… Manila Travel Vlog”

  1. My advice to both of you is this be a minimalist as much as possible, so that when war breaks out in South China Sea then it'll be easier for the two of you guys to escape from the war.✌😁

  2. Awesome and always waiting for more blogs. Enjoy your stay here in the Philippines. Finn and Kulas both have scooters to go around the city. Scooters are economical and they also have the 400cc which can go on the highways.

  3. That hurts seeing the cut on your right foot. It's exciting planning for and living in your new apartment. Sorry, I have no suggestion on how to make life very organized and convenient, as I'm more into simple, natural, countryside living. But anywhere you are together will be exciting, home sweet home! Take care not to hurt yourselves as we are all still in this natural world.

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