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50 thoughts on “VACATION_SIM.EXE HAS CRASHED – Vacation Simulator (VR)”

  1. since when does captainsauce put music in the background? he problably has been doing this maybe i haven't notice because of all the simple yet funny things he acknowledges and says

  2. Don’t you know you’re supposed to mix hot peach carrot lemon drink into every back you have a healthier skin get healthy you wouldn’t get it it’s a millennial thing geez wait

  3. I dare you to play Zuma's revenge sauce…..
    Please? You played insaniquarium, now you gotta play peggle or Zuma, and Zuma's revenge is better, please play it…

  4. YES!!! The Captain must return for more, Dips**t bot and stick up the butt bot miss you each time you leave, plus, they have both contacted IT (who in this case would be the Captain) and requested another lesson on how to "Party"

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