Van Travel Questions Answered – RV There Yet 2019

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28 thoughts on “Van Travel Questions Answered – RV There Yet 2019”

  1. Great series, loved it. BUT…you wouldn't (I doubt) do that in the UK. Fuel is twice the price. Camping pitches expensive. Road Tax (just to keep a vehicle on the road) is based partly on MPG / polution levels, so maybe $400 a year. Insurance about the same.

  2. The wife and I watched every video of the trip.we both would like to know if you did a build video of what you did to your van.
    Could you link to the van build series please. And thank you.

  3. I think I saw all your episodes. Thanks for the journey. A lot of people have been having mouse problems making nests and chewing wires. Probably should check for that.

  4. Thanks Russ for all your hard work. I think you saved me a few bucks on fuel as some places I would go others maybe not. I did go down to Salmon ID for a week and camped on the river at BLM campsite and boy you are right great place and not packed with people. Hope to catch up in Quartsite!

  5. Yep, campgrounds, national forests, is it for me too. Wal-Mart is a NO…..Costco isn't bad and Cracker Barrel isn't bad if you HAVE to. Lots of free camping or very cheap camping out there. Im leaving on the 1st for Mt. Rushmore and points west. I have a gmc envoy suv that I have a build out in, but I also have a suv two room tent that attaches to the open hatch. I love it!! I'm trailing off to sleep with your story telling voice. Night Russ!

  6. Been watching the vids of your Summer trip. It did go by fast. Can't believe how many videos it was. Didn't realize it was 100 I believe you said. Thnx for sharing. Kingman is a nice stop. Safe travels to ya๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

  7. Russ it would get to claustrophobic especially when it rained. But all in all I think you survived just fine. Loved the magnificent footage and every day looked forward to your video. Thank you so much and your instincts of finding incredible paces to go. Looking forward to your next adventures. Take care.

  8. The northwest is beautiful but nowadays to many people and taxes and tolls on roads, im speaking as a born and lived my life in Oregon and Washington till 2016 when Arizona called me now wow Arizona is amazing

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