Vancouver Island Travel Guide – Tofino, Victoria & Sooke!

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35 thoughts on “Vancouver Island Travel Guide – Tofino, Victoria & Sooke!”

  1. Great cinematography. You didn't camp in sooke though, that was a place called jordan river. Next time you come back, do a little more research and don't go to all the typical tourist stops. I'll gladly give you spots that are more local only.

  2. If you enjoyed Goldstream trestle, be sure to check out Cameron Lake trestle! It’s located at the opposite end of the lake from Cathedral Grove and gives amazing views over the area. Also, on the way to Tofino, park at Coombs Country Candy just before Port Alberni and walk across the road to Hole In The Wall. It’s such a great swimming hole. Just two gems in the Nanaimo to Tofino drive.

  3. Hi Noah,

    Checking out the details in your gear, and… I don't see a Gimbal anywhere. Am I to believe you don't use a gimbal? If you really don't use a gimbal, you should be a surgeon. There's just no way you can get shots that stable, without a gimbal. If you do use one, please share which one it is (feel free to update with an affiliate link – I'll gladly check it out, as I'm looking for one).

    PJ (fellow Canuck… who left the shores of our land over 15 yrs ago to roam this little planet of ours).

  4. Beautiful ❀️
    I have been to Vancouver many times but I have never been to these places.
    now I know where to go next time πŸ™‚
    And yes I love Victoria 😍I have been there once and we are going back next month..Im so excited πŸ˜€
    Thanks for sharing πŸ‘

  5. Hey Dudes, I hope you enjoyed this video and are able to take some inspiration from the beautiful places we visited. If you have any questions, feel free to ask ~
    Continue following the adventure: @noahvde

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