Vancouver with Kids: Travel Vlog | Vancouver Travel Guide | Vancouver, Canada

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5 thoughts on “Vancouver with Kids: Travel Vlog | Vancouver Travel Guide | Vancouver, Canada”

  1. Hi I have watched this video I am going to Canada can u tell me some fun things to do their and I am a 10 year old so what would me and my family like in Canada like is their any cool toy places and if I got I reply I would be so happy.

  2. This is a nice video and Stanley Park is pretty, but "the largest park in the world"? Are you kidding? There are hundreds of parks larger than Stanley in Canada alone. The largest park in Canada is more than 11,000 times the size of Stanley Park. You guys are from Texas? Texas has at least 45 parks larger than Stanley, ten of which are at least fifteen times as large, and the biggest of which (Big Bend) is more than 800 times as large as Stanley. The largest park in the world (Northeast Greenland) is nearly 240,000 times the size of Stanley.

    There are probably more than 1,000 parks in the world that are larger than Stanley Park. Very silly.

  3. a blinking green light means the traffic light is controlled by pedestrians, if they want to cross the street they press a button which changes the light to red so they can safely cross a street. They are usually used on streets which are busy but the cross street or intersection isn't busy enough for a regulr traffic light.

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