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29 thoughts on “VEGAN FOOD TOUR IN BRAZIL (RIO & SAO PAULO) // Vegan Travel Vlogs”

  1. I always love watching your videos and also love the humor on the side, i actually kinda trying the Vegan for a week challenge and I've succeded so i decided to add more week for this challenge because im enjoying doing it.(Im still edditing the documented videos for this challenge hopefully to upload it on wednesday on my channel.) I know for a fact that transitioning from non-vegan to vegan lifestyle is no joke it entail alot of discipline and most of all your whole being is really into the TRANSITIONG TO VEGAN MODE. Thank you for always inspiring people like me thru you uploaded videos it means so much. Love lots Tiger Lily.

  2. so happy you had a great time in brazil! i live in rio and sao paulo, and banana verde is one of my favorite places to eat as a vegan — their vegan deserts are soooo good! and even though I live in rio I’ve actually never been to vida bistro, definitely will go this week 😉

  3. I can't believe your friend dressed up as "Kit Gay" for carnival, one of Bolsonaro's inventions! That's so creative and funny hahahaha

  4. What are you doing in my country my girl, uncle's Sam isn't giving what you want? Don't say to me: " this is just work ". 🤣
    Be wise here the death is more strong than any place of the world, accidentally and or by meaningless meaning. I like you, got?😜, Tchau.

  5. Aww. Meanwhile, I have yet to visit my first vegan restaurant ever (they don't exist in a 50-mile radius) – but I did find a place Friday that's about 35 minutes away that sells a veggie burger and I got hella excited.

  6. My friends had a completely different experience than you while they were deployed in Brazil. One caught a parasite on the beach (apparently the beaches are unsanitary for a few days after rain) and he had to be released from the military because it will effect him for the rest of his life (I was told this isn't uncommon), one had his identity stolen (still dealing with it and this is a year later), and the last one said it's very shady and almost got mugged.
    I honestly was scared for you watching this at first but glad you didn't encounter any of the crap they did.

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