Vegas Construction News – New Resort with NO CASINO? Wow!

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31 thoughts on “Vegas Construction News – New Resort with NO CASINO? Wow!”

  1. New resort with no casino really! ! Gambling is the number one money maker for Vegas since the beginning! !! This idiot are so stupid they think their resort will survive out here without a casino!!! See you in bankruptcy court soon a hole!!

  2. I’m excited cuz I don’t gamble either!! Looks awesome…. and a great alternative for people who come here in the future to watch football or hockey games! My grandparents have been here since 1952 and they’ve seen our city change dramatically but no matter what new fad comes to town we always come back to our roots so I don’t think we will lose gambling anytime soon… it will remain the backbone of our city

    Love your vids ! Keep up the great work

  3. I think you answered your own question. There's too much money to be made from gambling. Who would want to stop that giant revenue stream from coming in? However, some people will be delighted to stay in non-gaming resorts.

  4. Vdara doesn't have a casino, its so nice there. Its quiet and less crowded which is a nice change. But I enjoy the high end vibes the resorts put out…. so in my opinion another option without a casino is a good thing.

  5. Definitely not the way of the future. More of a "gimmick" id say they are trying to grab the group of people, that you described. People losing money built that town. It wasnt built on mud baths and seaweed wraps. We just stayed in the new "Staywell" rooms at the mgm. And i must say, that id be pissed to pay the upcharge ( we got upgraded to this room)for that room. The bed was just the worst! Vitamin C filter in the showe…. come on…. couple other dumb things also. The water in the bathroom was filtered, which was awesome. Anyways keep the good word coming!

  6. I think there's plenty of room for all sort of kinds of resorts. Why not have a wellness resort? I bet there will be a lot of retail shopping, too. I really don't think casino gaming is going away any time soon… there might be a transition… but the transition might be from straight gambling to entertainment, service AND gambling…

  7. I really doubt that this concept will work if they are looking for Millenials to support it. Most Millenials have no money and (sadly) won't ever have any money. It was already spent from having student loans.

  8. Diversity and options only help the other casinos , like the vdara, no casinos but some crowds and age groups might want a hotel without all that. But yet will go to a casino to gamble

  9. so basically it'l be like the Trump hotel, also a hotel with no casino – I have friends who've stayed there and they said one of the big reasons they stayed there is the fact that it doesn't have a casino, more peaceful, no loud distractions

  10. The race is on. Will the Majestic Hotel and Resort, which isn't breaking ground until May of next year, finish before the Drew, which broke ground in 2006 or something equally absurd? Somehow I think we'll get this Hotel Resort before the Drew even gets its furniture in the door…

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