VEGETARIAN FOOD hacks while travelling abroad | International Travel Tips

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25 thoughts on “VEGETARIAN FOOD hacks while travelling abroad | International Travel Tips”

  1. My lay over was at Hong Kong airport this time and i couldn't find any vegetarian food at the airport. Any tips at such situations? I don't eat egg either and their bread contained egg in them.

  2. Nice, but Shweta carrying food is allowed in Asian countries i guess, but impossible in Europe and USA, its a risk you take and could be fined if caught. But yes Vegan is a catching up everywhere and available across the world these days.. but yes i agree all said and done, after sometime home foods re-triggers your taste buds 🙂 Indian restaurants are available across teh globe now a days…. loved it – Thx

  3. Seems like you are vegetarian or eggeterian. Not much meats. I am a hardcore non vegetarian not my family though. I love chicken, beef, pork, lamb sea food, vegetarian food is boring. Sorry, it’s ones view. From an Indian from USA 🇺🇸 except for fast foods and pizzas

  4. Being vegetarian I do understand suffering while in travel. I hv been to Thailand, Hong kong, Switzerland, France and Spain. I took home made food for intial few days and then survived on ready to eat food packs and fruits.

  5. Very informative video as I am vegetarian. My question is that will custom or border security allow to take food inside their country. Please mention which countries allow to take food from home.

  6. The whole world isn't to carry regional food just because of a certain cuisine favorite. Most countries have plenty of vegetarian options as well. Who is going to have time to carry so much food that makes the weight of the luggage or carry on increase. So this is not a practical option. Just a few things sure …..but not more than that.

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