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  1. I love your videos so much Cameron! You put so much effort into making each video even better than the last! You inspire me so much to travel and appreciate everything that life has to offer. BTW, my all time favorite video of yours is the phenomenal 8500 mile Alaska road trip!

  2. hey !!! are you still In Miami I am from Japan but I live in Miami !? Awesome Content !! 🙂 I know this hotel! My friend went here !!!

  3. How do your videos not have way more views? They are so amazing. Your filming and editing is so incredible – love how you put it all together with your thoughts on everything as well.

  4. There is an outdoor cafe down the street from the mansion, on Ocean Drive called News Cafe. I recall my first time there Gianni Versace and Elton John were sitting at a table outdoors near us, and nobody bothered them, and I thought what a cool place

  5. ahhh i loved this so much!! i’ve lived in miami for four years and have struggled with falling in love with the place but this has definitely inspired me to do some exploring and really get to know the city! who would’ve guessed that there’s an erotic art museum just 20 minutes away from my apartment? thank you so much for sharing this!! <3

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