Visit San Diego – The DON'Ts of Visiting San Diego, California

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22 thoughts on “Visit San Diego – The DON'Ts of Visiting San Diego, California”

  1. I’ve lived in San Diego all my life, this guy does a good job highlighting all the “must see” areas. Old Town is a lot of fun … excellent Mexican food restaurants with killer margaritas!!!! 😜. My husband has been a police officer here for past 28 years. They are happy to answer tourist questions and point you in safe directions. They know all the great places to eat as well!👍. Word of caution! – Tijuana, Mexico is just 15 min from downtown. It is not advisable if you are not with someone very familiar! Just be careful and you it is law now, that you MUST have a passport to cross the border to come back into S.D ! It didn’t used to be that way, so just be careful.

  2. Where does a 20 min. drive become two hours. Lived here 40 years. Never seen that. A 25 min drive from North County to Mission Valley can take 40-45 min. in the late afternoon. South bound I5 Camp Pendleton to Del Mar can be slow in summer. LA people coming to town.

  3. I wen't last year with my friend who grew up there for his pirthday. I spent maybe 800 the whole trip. Not counting the 130 for the flight that I purchased 5 months earlier.

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