Viva Las Vegas 2019 Car Show VLV 22 Rockabilly Weekend

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21 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas 2019 Car Show VLV 22 Rockabilly Weekend”

  1. Good job! Me and Blondie, got hitched there in 2011. …by The King of course. Viva Las Vegas Chapel, in the 50's diner suite. Some of my friends, think VLV has gotten hoaky, but, everyone seems to be having a blast. No violence or BS politics. Love to go back for 10 year anniversary…in my 1964 Oldsmobile 98. p.s. Charles is The Man!! :-)JTMisfires CCOrlando, Fl

  2. So MUCH fun this year! Thanks for all the great times friends. Hope you enjoy. Please like and share if you enjoy, and give it that big thumbs down if it's not to your liking. Give us some feedback as to how to improve as well.

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