VLOG | Lets go to Valencia! Spain Travel Vlog

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21 thoughts on “VLOG | Lets go to Valencia! Spain Travel Vlog”

  1. I love your travel vlogs so much 😍 I am a hermit so I don't like going out heaps, but I feel you notice the same things I do so its like I get to experience it too! I hope that makes sense πŸ˜‚ hope you had fun! p.s I am only 22 but I feel like I am already too old for drinking πŸ˜‚

  2. Your red lipstick makeup look was so gorgeous! <3 I loved the pink accents you added to your lids to match, and you looked soooo beautiful. (As always, of course!)

  3. I hate the aquarium and the zoo so much too it's really heart breaking to see all of these animals caged for money !!! So I don't go to them at all no 😒😒😒

  4. Valencia looked so beautiful, I must go there someday. Yeah I feel the same about aquariums sometimes they just dont have enough space and even though its beautiful to watch them it feels bad to see them in captivety. But thanks for sharing your lovely hen do! Ive got one coming up soon so you got me all excited for that! wooo! xxxxx

  5. Wow the architecture was beautiful. I loved seeing your trip and you look so cute. I myself cant go to the zoo or things like the aquarium. I have in the past but it hurts my heart to see animals out of their natural elements and just on display for our enjoyment. I literally went to soo a year or so ago cause hubs wanted too and i was just so sad and cried afterwards just seeing thr small areas they had to be in. You have a loving heart so people like us see the hurt in the animals eyes

  6. Hi Catherine, Thank you so much for sharing this experience. It is so good to view a 'normal persons' journey' in a new place. I think that tree was a fig tree. In Oz we have so many Mortan Bay Fig trees that are just as big and architecturally interesting. I know how you feel when you see something like that wonderful child of Mother Nature! personally I just want to draw it!!!!

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