VLOG: SuperCub commute – Playing Mr. Mom and hoping for a vacation

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2 thoughts on “VLOG: SuperCub commute – Playing Mr. Mom and hoping for a vacation”

  1. I live in England UK and find your vlogs both interesting and enjoyable. Great to see how life ticks around the world. Enjoy your relaxed chatting too. Not everything has to be a Whizz Bang to be enjoyable. Keep em coming.

  2. Today I had my cub up to 55mph for the first time today and was surprised how smooth of a ride it was. I was advised to put in 10-40 motor oil in because of the heat here in Florida so that's what I've been doing to top it off. Very surprised as to how often I've added oil and only have 460 miles on my bike. I'll have to ask at my first oil change why I'm going through oil. The cub has been starting each time since I got it back from the shop. As pissed off as I've been with the problem of the cub not starting when I'm out riding on this bike, man do I love it. Like your videos. Robin in FL

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