Walking Around Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Update Vlog

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21 thoughts on “Walking Around Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Update Vlog”

  1. I am very surprised that You are able too get so close too that stadium with the threat of a "terrorist attack" these days—that all roads so close are open too traffic & pedestrian traffic—all one would need is a few "laws rockets" from a passing van too take it down–retired NYPD

  2. Andrew Luck can’t heal from minor injuries because he’s a vegan, Don’t bet on the vegan Cam Newton either he looks like a shell of his old self…he’s always injured too…….Keto on Jacob

  3. It will be crazy I did this same walk months ago and saw how close it to industrial district right by the 15 freeway and dispensary it's about three blocks away so drunk and high at a Raiders game ? Fucking crazy

  4. The marriott property across the street are automatically charging 10.00 for parking….this was before the stadium was even past the first level. If you showed up on Uber and you don't look at your bill, it was on it. Won't be staying there any more. Other marriott properties to stay at near by….

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