Walking Tour LAS VEGAS Downtown Container Park – Fremont Street

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36 thoughts on “Walking Tour LAS VEGAS Downtown Container Park – Fremont Street”

  1. That place is a very, very tough retail location. Some of the events they have in the stage area are pretty cool. Sometimes they'll have live music or show family fun movies.

  2. what I got from that video (well besides your awesome narrative and footage) is that it gets really bad for the retailers as you go up to the 2nd level and even worse on the 3rd level.. They probably pay next to nothing. Was there a lot of empty spaces? Closed shops? Open shops with zero customers? That's a sign. I'd like to know Mathew. Thanks.

  3. Matthew, just got back from our Vegas trip. We were at Fremont St and totally missed this park!. Looks like we were right next to it If it's that close to the Cortez!.

  4. Matthew – Have you ever paid extra for VIP Lounge? I had the option at Luxor for like $30 or $40 to add VIP Registration/Lounge. Is this worth it, and do you think the $20 trick will work at VIP registration? I might just do it for the free bottled water 🙂

  5. 49 more days until I see this with my own eyes….I like the bar in the corner Oak and Ivy…they make an awesome drink there with an apple slice!….well worth it…

  6. Matthew, another nicely done video. Thanks for the info on the camera specs btw. Anyhow, another place that I think is free, but not sure is the neon graveyard ( I don't know if that's exactly what it's called) where you can see all the old neon signs from the ratpack days. You might of done that already, but it wouldn't hurt to do it again. There's always new subscribers. Keep up the good work. Your friend Mike. 🙂

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