Walking Tour Uber & Lyft Las Vegas Pickup McCarran International Airport (HOW TO FIND IT)

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33 thoughts on “Walking Tour Uber & Lyft Las Vegas Pickup McCarran International Airport (HOW TO FIND IT)”

  1. I've watched the media demonize this guy on several occasions and I'm always left wondering; if he doesn't force or blackmail anyone into buying his greasy food, then why the hell is he being crucified?

  2. Wow they couldn’t make taking a ride share car more inconvenient. That’s a crazy long walk and ordeal compared to hopping into a cab! Is it a big savings to warrant the trouble? I can’t remember, but I think the last cab I took to Planet Hollywood was easily less than $20…?

  3. You must be coming from overseas in that video. American travelers don't need to go through customs, and I think it is completely different way to get to Uber pick up. For me it doesn't look anything like what you are showing..

  4. Thanks for helpful tip! Kinda look scary – not alot people around for safety reasons. I usually take the taxi and tell the driver to take Koval and avoid the strip. Takes 10-12 minutes from airport to hotel. The money the driver saved us from avoiding the "long route" goes towards the tip for being fast & courteous.

  5. This is nice, I'll be going to Vegas in June, flying in around midnight with some friends…any suggestions on what we should do since we'll have about 11 hours to burn before we can get to our room?

  6. Perfect timing!!!! We are going to Vegas next week for a conference and I was planning on using Lyft to get to the hotel from the airport!!! Thanks for the great info!!!

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