Walt Disney World Vlog | Day 4 | Dapper Day and B Resort | April 2018 | Adam Hattan

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35 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Vlog | Day 4 | Dapper Day and B Resort | April 2018 | Adam Hattan”

  1. The resort fees are just a way for hotels to advertise a room for say, $100/night, and then charge you more once you're already hooked. It's a horribly dishonest business practice, that you'd only see in the good ol' US of A.

  2. When u said u was gay my son age seven went ohh I knew that he is always happy I said that it means you like men and that’s fine he said oh ok I like the sound of that girls are gross 😂.

  3. The resort fee started after 9-11 when tourism was down and low prices advertised to motivate travel…then it just never went away…just like baggage fees for airlines

  4. Resort fees are BS! Like parking fees! But just like parking fees have made their way to Disney resorts, I believe resort fees will too. Except for DVC, thank goodness.

  5. Woooaaa….$50 a DAY incidental fee? No, I can't say that's a norm. I know they are tacking on parking fees at some places and taxes and all that, but now this? I too like to know the price up front. The TOTAL price including all fees.

  6. Getting stuck in HM on a hot day is kind of nice. It was neat to see it with the lights on! You both looked lovely! We're now following you (& Gary, hah, it came up too!) on ig!

  7. Great Vlog…I am with you, I have never heard of a resort charge being that much or being used in that way…Tell Heather I am not a bird fan either, but for some reason I like the new Up show (and the one prior to it). I don't like walking thru the trails with the birds, but the show I like…

  8. Your concern was very correct! It's NOT typical for this odd fee to be attached to your room…it's a hotel…not a college dorm…I would have been at the managers desk as well. As always, wonderful video and look forward to more travels!

  9. I’ve never seen the resort fee done that way in the states I’ve stayed and I’m from America. Usually they would just charge your credit card a flat rate at the end for damage. Maybe because you’re international? Good to know in case we ever do encounter it.

  10. Why does that hotel have balconies if you're not allowed to use it? Also I'm guessing that fee is not a resort fee but it's probably a security hold in case you destroyed the room or steal something.

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