Walt Disney World's POP Century Resort Walking Tour | Hotel Tour, Pool Locations & More!

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41 thoughts on “Walt Disney World's POP Century Resort Walking Tour | Hotel Tour, Pool Locations & More!”

  1. I'm sure it's probably already been said in these comments – but I could not find it. The thing at 4:04 is a personal data terminal from Telxon. These were the very early version of the PDAs that you see workers at supermarkets and big box stores carrying around. The "gun" is a barcode scanner.

  2. We r Hoping to Stay at POP in 2020. Hopefully there will b a Military discount. POP was SOLD OUT in 2017 cause of the Refurbs for the rooms. I had a Walkman when i was young. Then got a CD Player in HS.

  3. Oh man. My parents surprised my brother and I with a trip to Disney World when we were 10 and 8. I know we stayed at Pop Century but as soon as you panned over to the bowling pin staircase a ton of memories came flooding back to me. What a special place, I hope to go back someday

  4. Hey Tim, I think the thing in the 80's part of your wall tour that you thought was a radar gun is a telxon I think. It's what they use in Walmart and other stores to check prices and put items on shelves. My wife works at Walmart and I recognize the name.

  5. I really wish I could stay at these resorts, but they kind of just seem like junkyards to me..I don’t want to walk out of my room in the morning and see an old radio, floppy disks, platform shoes, a 1980s computer, and an old tape deck. Extremely strange and kinda nauseating lol. I don’t get it lol. To each their own I guess

  6. I am going there on June 15 and this will be my very first time going there
    It is a dream for me to go and that dream will become a reality 🥳
    P.S. what should I bring on a plane cause it is also my first time going on a ✈️

  7. Tip for Large Families. We have 6 kids, and need 2 rooms. At Pop (or any of the value resorts) we always request connecting rooms and it is still MUCH Cheaper than any of the other suite style rooms at other WDW resorts. POP and AofA are definitely our favorites!

  8. My family and I took a 5 day trip to Disney back in 2014 and stayed at Pop Century. It was honestly really amazing, one of the main things I remember was just wanting my parents to take me to the arcade every day after we came back from the parks lol. I really recommend this place especially for families like mine that don't have all the money in the world to spend on a vacation

  9. Ah that 70's radio by Panasonic was my FIRST transistor radio as a pre-teen. I believe that they were called the twist and go because you could wear it as a bracelet but mostly you twisted it to show the radio dial as you placed it on a table to stand up so that you knew which station you tuned in. As I remember it took one 9 volt battery, could NOT be plugged in (so that the battery manufacturing company, probably also Panasonic were happy) and it only received AM radio. It was GREAT for receiving 700 WLW which at that time could be heard as far away as where you live Tim in Florida. Ah memories! Thanks for the video Tim and keep them coming! What do you mean USED to have to plug the adapter into your car? I still have to use one if I want to play music in my car from the phone because my model was the year before Bluetooth!

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