Was someone Murdered in this Hotel Room?? Woman's spirit speaks!

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47 thoughts on “Was someone Murdered in this Hotel Room?? Woman's spirit speaks!”

  1. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Watching that spirit manifest was so cool… Your dream and feelings were spot on as the EVP's proved! Very awesome investigation brother! I think spirits see your energy and know they can reach out to you which draws them to you anywhere you go! You're the best my friend!

  2. 😱💜👻 Sounded like a southern woman who was hiding from her uncle who abused and murdered her.😞Thank you for always going the extra mile and sharing. Love vibrations 10 folds your wayy Jody & Family💙🌈

  3. Awesome job!! Definitely looked like something was trying to manifest in that corner and the way the temps kept fluctuating fast was crazy. And that "yeah" was a lil creepy. You always find great evidence everywhere u go!! Cool shit bro!! #HTD4LIFE

  4. Oh dude do u live in Florida when I'm 18 can I meet you dw it'll be in 2 years ooh but I don't want anything attached to me but would be fun to talk about ghosts and stuff

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