We Crashed A Gentlemen's Weekend In Vegas • Ladylike

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27 thoughts on “We Crashed A Gentlemen's Weekend In Vegas • Ladylike”

  1. most ladylike videos could just be titled “i convinced my job to pay for my vacation” but i don’t care bc i love watching woean living their best life

  2. Not gentlemen. Vegas. Wow Ladylike… you just genderized a town. This Experience or higher end stuff isn’t JUST FOR MEN. Hit up the strip club💵💸💰💵💸💰💴💶💶
    “Ladies is pimps’ too, go on brush yo shoulders off.” – Jay Z.

  3. As someone who is heading into the Hospitality (Hotel) Business, a hand written note is very important and a must.

    Patrick is probably hella happy he’s with Devin cause this whole experience was cool.

  4. Della’s description of guys going to Vegas 😂😂😂 one shirt and two pants for three days 🤣 I’m dead!!! Went on a mini vacation with three guy friends and that is literally all they brought 💀💀💀 on the other hand my sister and I packed half our closet 😅

  5. Video suggestion: Ladylike and their skincare routine. They all have different skin types and issues, and so it would be interesting for them to sit down with a dermatologist to talk about their skin and the products use. Maybe the dermatologist could suggest new products or a new routine for them to try out for like a month. It would definitely be informative and interesting.

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