We Don't Want To Be On Vacation Anymore

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40 thoughts on “We Don't Want To Be On Vacation Anymore”

  1. I honestly love that you guys went on vacation and just relaxed most of the time, very well deserved!!! It gets stressful when you try to shove too many fun things in. And omg chilaquiles is my shiiiiiiiiiiiiz

  2. Omgoodness that star present is sooo cute. Where did Zane buy that from ??
    My bf and I have this thing at night were we always look for “our” star the brightest one in the sky 🌟, so that gift idea fits so well. 💚

  3. I love you. I’ve been your biggest fan going on 3 years. I hope you know your an inspiration in my life, you are such a positive person I would love to meet more people like you in this world, you’re truly a good person. I don’t know if you’ve read previous comments awhile back but I am fighting stage 4 colon cancer and I’m only 28 and I have a 11 year old daughter.. things are getting worse overtime and one wish if I could I would love to meet you one day. I do live in GA but also if we can make it happen I would love to travel and experience NewYork and meet you, I could stay in a hotel there and just get to know you, have my favorite YouTuber as a friend and just like you I like going out to eat also,we could go out to eat and experience NY. I would absolutely love to make this happen. and I would be happy to have that experience with my daughter. She knows I’m always looking forward to your vlogs. If you would like if you see this I’ve had your notifications on since day ONE I would be thankful for a shoutout ❤️
    My email is: [email protected]gmail.com
    If you would to email me personally. I love you.

    P.s. you deserved to have this vacation!💕

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