We Gave This Poor Filipino Family Boxes of Groceries. Travel to The Philippines. World's Problems

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40 thoughts on “We Gave This Poor Filipino Family Boxes of Groceries. Travel to The Philippines. World's Problems”

  1. Mark, I hope you read this. But what was your business and how did it grew? I'm really interested with economics and starting my own business someday (I'm 14) and just wondered how you did it

  2. The most embarrassing part of PH, while parts in Africa and other Asian and some Latin American people are suffering from famine and persecution, PH with all the money they have and the freedom than what other some developing nations do not have, and here are the Millions of Filipinos who are rotting and having one to two meals per day or per week and having to eat from trashes and etc. Shame on Philippines, Shame on its Government and Business, especially the so-called Church, who are making the lives of the Filipino rot like rats and linger like roaches.

  3. Nakakalungkot na hindi niya naiisip para itapon ang dumi at basura sa likuran ng bahay niya. Puwede namang ipunin niya sa isang lalagyan at itapon sa isang lugar o ilibing na nakakahiya naman na nagpaflying saucer siya-–KATAMARAN, KAMANGMANGAN, —

  4. hello po sir mark. .saludo po ako sa inyo. .at may mga na realized ako sa kung anung gusto niyong ipaabot at ipa intindi po sa amin. .oO nga po?hindi ako magsisinungaling malaki po ang tampo ko sa diyos dahil bakit po lahat nang hiniling ang pinapanalangin ko sa kanya wala namang natupad. .saludong saludo na po ako sa inyo dahil sa kabutihang loob nyo po. .at sana po matulungan din ninyu ako sa aking munting hiling. .sana po ay mapansin nyo ako. .tagahanga nyo po ako. .taga cebu po ako may dalawang anak sana mapansin nyo po ako. .nakaka inspire po kayo. .

  5. Agreed with Mr Mark: letโ€™s the kids decide their own religion when they are old enough….. you have started this and I hope more will follow…

  6. There has to be a way for kids to go to school. In the U.S. even undocumented kids have a right to an education according to the United States Supreme Court. This was a case that started in Texas where the counties said they will not pay for the education of undocumented children. But the majority on the court ruled that society benefits from an educated population regardless whethe they are here legally or not. And that is the way it should be viewed in the Philippines. These kids will grow up uneducated then repeat the same cycle. Here in this country if your kids are of age to be in school and they are not or not being home schooled the parents can go to prison or even have the kids removed from their homes. Education is paramount especially in a global era. Another point I'm glad this video gets its point across without going over an hour. There are so many things to do including watching other subscribers videos that is it hard to watch videos that are way over an hour long, an hour and a half extra. Concise editing gets the message across without losing relevance.

  7. Thank you everyone for helping another family in need . All of these children seem so happy ๐Ÿ˜€ and with the cutest smiles no matter how bad their conditions are . Where is the rest of the team ? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜

  8. Truth since I was a little boy I dream of helping people out even when I got money I help people out to a fault some say but thats what I wanted to do and if I get anymore money I will continue to give until I can give no more. God has taking care of me. So I'm ok.

  9. My god I'm 28 years old mother of 2 and about 90 pounds and I would look fat beside her… She is so so thin!!
    And her beautiful children.. Life must be so tuff for her! I've shown these videos to my eldest son to show him how lucky we are and how we should never take for granted what we have and to teach him to share what we have with others. โ™ฅ
    Could a care package be arranged to send to her and her children?
    Mabye some vitamins for the mother aswel? Or an address in the Philippines I could send stuff from Amazon directly to in the Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ ?
    I have and do donate via go fund me link but would also like to send some things if possible.

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