We got invited to DISNEYWORLD!

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21 thoughts on “We got invited to DISNEYWORLD!”

  1. This is my favorite vlog you’ve ever made! Maybe I’m biased because I love Disney – but this video was perfect! The MUSIC, the detail of the parks, your families personalities shown, everything was great!!

  2. i think i was smiling through every MINUTE of this. in high school, i was in marching band and we went to disneyland multiple times a year since we're so close. but my junior year our director announced we would be going to disney world for a week, and i will never forget it! there are so many things i wish i would've done differently and so, so, SO want to go back! this was such an amazing video that brought back so many wonderful memories and i am so glad you got to go and have such an AMAZING time!

  3. So adorable!! Your love for Disney is CONTAGIOUS! And your precious girls are so appreciative and amazing to watch experience Disney World for the first time! I was born in Florida and have ever only been to Disney World, so I loved seeing it through your eyes! Such a fantastic video! Disney couldn't have hosted a nicer more deserving family!

  4. Wow, what a great video. I love Disneyworld and I watch very much Disney vidoes. But your's where such a great and touching one. I had tears in my eyes all the time. You are such a great family with 2 lovely kids. You show the best moments from your vacation without talking to much or showing every second. I fell in love with your family.
    I wish you all the best and say thank you that I can take part on your vacation in form of the video. ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. What happened to Greta was the moste important thing you will remember for ever. The water burst… 😊Great moments at the Walt Disney World! This is a magical place! 😍

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