We Opened a Travel Store!!

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42 thoughts on “We Opened a Travel Store!!”

  1. Wait, you talk in your videos about dressing with appropriate clothing with no logos, such as in your video of how not to look like an ugly American… but now youโ€™re encouraging people to buy/wear your merchandise with logos??? Makes no sense!

  2. This is awesome! I've been watching you guys for 4 years now and your videos have been instrumental in my travel preparations! I'm really happy to see you guys monetize! Time to start shopping lol

  3. I just checked out your store. The items look great, but I hate those popups that say 'so and so from wherever just bought a water bottle' or 'so and so from lower wherever just bought a t-shirt'. That comes across as a cheap, tacky sales push. imho

  4. How about RFID protection passport/ credit card holders? That's about the only 'special travel thing' I use – apart from a great sleeveless wear-it everywhere rain resist jacket with lots of inside/hidden zip pockets.

  5. Just wanted to share that there's a beautiful song about the parc you're in by French singer Yves Duteil called "Au parc Monceau", you might want to check itโ™ฅ ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great news, I would not be suprised if this spins off to "Wolters Wear" and you stuff is eveywhere because it definitely is not going to normal vlog merch, I think.

  7. you need a theft proof cross body bag, I will be going to Spain in June and I have been searching for something that isn't too big but isn't too small either so far I have not found anything I like.

  8. Hey!!
    Right where you were standing a guy tried to pull the ring scam on me the first time I went to Paris. Thankfully I follow Mark on Wolters world and laughed to scammer off. Thank you both. Iโ€™ll order my T-shirt!

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