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31 thoughts on “We Tracked Every Cent! 💵 Travel Cost Of Living North Macedonia | Skopje Digital Nomad”

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  2. I'm from Macedonia (small city -Delchevo), I live in Sofia, Bulgaria (for 7 years now) but I think this is soooooo expensive. I can't believe it. Maybe because of the accommodation, but almost 100000 Denari, from a month? It seems a lot.
    The average salary is around 30000 denari per month I think.

  3. I respect you a lot that you did video about my country but please do not call it N… Macedonia, we people from Macedonia don't know that country, so as long as you want to get respect from the Macedonian people you should change your title.

  4. Love the breakdown of costs (long & short)… 🤓
    Most places that don't have a worldly coffee understanding, I ask for coffee with milk to avoid cappuccino… 😎
    5 GB of data for $9 is pretty good, N.Macedonia only I imagine…🤔

  5. From a grocery perspective why don’t you adopt a “shopping basket” of your own e.g. a loaf of bread, a bottle of lager, a pack of chicken breasts, a bottle of water etc etc etc. I feel it would give a better idea of the variation of prices in each place. You could also add the prices for the local weed for me 🤣🤣🤣

  6. I'm a local (used to be, now living in Germany for >2 years), but the price for the accommodation is way too high. I see it looks really fancy and nice, and most likely it's in the center, but you can get something as good for 2-3 times less, in other nice areas too. I think that kinda diluted the results a bit in the end. It's most definitely less expensive than Krakow and Zagreb, not sure about the rest of the cities, but as I said, taking into account the very high price you paid for accommodation, most likely Skopje would be in the lower end of the list. Next time, as a tip, check some FB groups and ask for local's help, probably would have ended up paying 50% less for the place. Another thing in the countries in that region is the seasonality.

    I hope you enjoyed your stay, and thank you for the video!

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