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  1. Good to be back? Defo the best thing would be to book another trip. Villa or a condo for sure offsite. We have never stayed onsite at Disney. Going in October staying US27 near Championsgate so much choice of accommodation

  2. We have used David’s Disney Vacation rentals to rent DVC points. We found it worked out cheaper than any other deals we found staying on site. Plus as you will know u get a bigger room with basic kitchen facilities with DVC. We like to do 2 weeks in villa and then our final week in DVC. We love staying on site but it’s also nice to have some time where you are not in a total Disney bubble and we love eating on the 192 as cheaper than Disney as you know. For hints and tips on all things Disney the Dibb website is amazing. We are on our 8th trip but still love the Dibb to get tips. We love your vlogs by the way and have been watching them in the run up to our trip. We are just onto our final 3 days here here 😢

  3. OMG that mask 😂😂😂 You guys make my day – Yes, I’m a sad old bint with no life haha. Off to WDW end of September so keeping everything crossed that’s when you’ll be going too 🤞#wheresmyf**kinghat! 🧢

  4. LMAO at Leigh in the Mickey face mask 😂. Your lodge is great. Your happy life there has me thinking of lodge life when me and hubby eventually retire. Lots of space for our daughter and extended family to visit

  5. Hello Nick & Leigh:
    Now that you're home, maybe you can invite Auntie Brenda over for a cocktail, or two! I miss her on the vlogs, as I'm sure others do. Maybe, you can take her to Florida on your next trip! lol. Also, now that I think of it, Sazzle is a great asset to your business! It seems that she "runs the ship" while you're away. How fortunate you are. People like that are very hard to find. As well as having a decades old friendship. ☺☺☺☺

  6. Hilton bonnet creek is fab .
    It's got a great lazy river to relax after parks.great bus service to parks and disney springs so both can drink.Been 4 times best hotel we have been to in orlando.check it out.
    Love your blogs

  7. Just wanted to tell you, yall are just wonderful. We enjoy the friendly banter. My daughter and I are going to WDW for two weeks in July and heading back for the last week in September. I make the most wonderful fruit jam. I'm sure I can't send it to you but maybe we could do a quick meet up if you do end up there in September. Love the blogs, keep them coming. Your new "Lodger" from the heartland of the US.

  8. Im staying at the saratoga Resort Villas in june, and I've heard great things about it. 2 bedroom 2 bath villa at a Disney good neighbour hotel, and I got a great deal! 200£ for 4 nights, so you cant really go wrong either way. The prices for the villas varies from week to week, but you can usually get a really great deal on hotels.com😊 always nice to have a small kitchen and a living room after a long day in the parks 🙌

  9. I’m pretty new to your channel too and loving it!! Maybe being a Yorkshire lass makes it special ☺️ anyway, do you split your time between the house and the lodge? The lodge looks so nice!

  10. Another fantastic Vlog gents, me and the better half always stay in villas, it’s so much better (for us) and appreciate the space and privacy that it offers.
    Looking forward to the upcoming Vlogs❣️

  11. Great video, back at the lodge, October will come sooner than you think. You two will be back with the magic of Disney, sooner than you think. Leigh, Nick is right, that face mask looks more like a halloween mask, than the face of Mickey Mouse. Yes, Nick you need to go back to Florida and swap t-shirts.

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