We're LIVE from an Oxford castle! Is our hotel room haunted??

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27 thoughts on “We're LIVE from an Oxford castle! Is our hotel room haunted??”

  1. Tea Rooms is the phrase that eluded you.
    I've been eating spotted dick for about 50yrs now….the best you can get is homemade, I've tried a few that weren't and they were just like a fruit sponge….so not a spotted dick… simple to make your own anyways and especially if cooked in the microwave can whip one up in 5mins…..but it's nicer without custard, golden syrup only….I add it to the mix usually.
    Was just wondering if you voted in the EU elections?….(only cos you were eligible to do so as a British citizen!)

  2. Endeavour is the prequel to Morse. The Slaughters are between Bourton on the Water and Stow On The Wold. As for Grimsby being f&c captial of the world– don't let Whitby folk hear you say that. Black pudding tastes like stuffing to me.

  3. You were actually in the UK during elections. As a UK citizen, were you able to vote?
    (Note: Do not care who you voted for…none of my damned business… more interested in if you were ABLE to vote being away in America for so long)

  4. Unfortunately I missed the live chat. A hazard of living in a GMT+8 time zone I guess. Loved watching the replay though. Had to chime in though when you mentioned Taco 🌮 Bell. While I myself was a big fan when I lived in the US I can tell you that the Taco Bells in the UK are not the same. Weird that so many restaurants forget what made people want them to come to their country in the first place and they go and change the menu and completely ruin it! Big disappointment when I visited Taco Bell in Leeds, UK I can tell you that!

  5. If you ever go to Sweden, and since you love Viking history go to Anundshög Just east of Vasteras city and the whole thing is around one hours west of Stockholm and also go to Uppsala which is one hour north of Stockholm. Both very impressive if you ask me.

  6. Would you and Tarah think about doing a photo book of your travels for us to purchase? That would be cool for those of us that don't get a chance to travel much. Also you should create mug and t-shirts for your fans, we love you two and would so like to support you in order to get more content💖

  7. When you say you never really saw much street food when you lived in the UK, surely you had the kebab van??? Every town had them before they moved to their now permanent places within each town.

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