What are the FEES for a LEASE OPTION AGREEMENT?! | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds

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22 thoughts on “What are the FEES for a LEASE OPTION AGREEMENT?! | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds”

  1. Hello Samuel, thanks for helpful videos you keep sharing. I have question in regards to refinancing a property. If I plan on adding value then refinancing does the property need to be initially bought in cash? Or can you buy with a mortgage, add value then refinance?

  2. Hi samuel

    What advice would you give to someone who has £100,000 equity in their current house? I cant wait to join you for the crash course and I've just ordered the buy low rent high book.

    Love the content 👍

  3. Hi Samuel, to live off money every month made through a LTD company you have to pay tax twice. It’s 20% tax to just remove money from the company for yourself . so if I have a large portfolio using a company then I’ll be paying massive tax to get access to the money. However, as an individual there is only so many buy to let mortgages you can get. My question is.. If, for example, like yourself, you have 25+ property’s in your portfolio ( single let and HMO ) do you just bite your lip and take the large tax’s that come with a limited company or is there something that I’m missing here? And are you taxed 20% every single time you remove money from your limited company which you would be doing every month.? Thanks 🙏

  4. Love your stuff Samuel! Regarding Article 4 – does that prevent new "multi let" properties or does it just prohibit new "licensed" HMOs ie. 5 / 6 bed HMOs? Thank you

  5. Hi Samuel, I am 18 years old and I have a problem I have been watching you’re videos since last year I have been reading books and and watching YouTube videos and educating myself in many different ways about property. I save around £170 a week from my income. My mum says it is too good to be true 🙁 how can I get past this please

  6. Hey Samuel

    Thanks for your amazing videos and advice!!

    Can you advise me how to put together a great power team of builders/tradesmen for a first time hmo/multi let please?

    How do you organise them to be ready for action in time for receiving the keys?

    I imagine you can’t waste time especially when you purchase with short term bridging loans.

    Finding good builders also available when you need them in an area that’s new to me seems a little daunting.
    How do you do it?


  7. Hello Mr Leeds. Would you put all you properties on interest only or a certain percentage of your portfolio. Or maybe it depends on the size of your portfolio.Thanks.

  8. Hi Samuel how do i obtain loan of 3000pound from you to start my property business. I am currently studying in philippines but was so much intimidated to go on property business because i have watch your videos everytime you upload new video. I am so much blessed and motivated watching your video. I am currently studying Financial Management. God bless you💪🙏

  9. Hey samuel if you have a rent to rent or service accommodation business and let’s say you make 10,000 pounds a month what would the taxes be on that income? Thanks

  10. Hi Samuel,
    Do you think Brexit will cause a lot of immigrants to leave the UK? And if so, to what extent will this impact the rental market? Could we expect an oversupply of houses to rent and a drop on rental prices?

    Thank you for your enlightening videos!


  11. Thanks for your videos they have made me want to become a landlord one day. My question is, as I'm 17 what should my 1st steps be to achieving my goal. Thank you samuel.

  12. I have 3 bank accounts, 1 personal, 1 educational/training, 1 business. That being said Robert Kiyosaki says you want about 7…. I think. My question is how many bank accounts do you have and if it's a lot does it ever have a negative impact on your ability to borrow money?

  13. Hyph, the armed forces offer a forces help to buy scheme for residential mortgage, you can borrow up to half of your salary and spread it over 10 years they also give you an allowance to cover your fuel back and forth work this covers the loan so it’s pretty much free money, I used this scheme 2 years ago and I have now recycled the deposit as I had 15k equity through some small home improvements I made to my property, I am now investing this into a btl property in a joint venture

    Any questions feel free to get in touch

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