What Does It Take To Get Your Private Pilot License | FAA Requirements

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  1. As its pointed out in the comments the official term is Private Pilot Certificate. I used license in this case for those who are starting to look at what it takes to become a pilot. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the video!

  2. Hi, great video, packed jammed with information! I still have a few questions/ confirmation to ask if you don't mind:
    1) Are the requirements (age, English, medical, eye-sight, etc) the same/similar all over the world?
    2) To start as a student licence and work towards your PPL, you can just go to a flight school or instructor, right? No need to take an entrance exam, get selected by your school, etc right?
    3) What are the subjects that I should focus on in school in order to have a slight headstart in working towards the PPL? The answer to this question is probably quite obvious, but just in case…
    4) Yeah, I know this channel is about general aviation, but do you guys have things to share on how to get a commercial pilot's licence? I could really use some.

    Thanks for taking the time to help answer my questions.
    This video was very good nevertheless, thank you!

  3. 6 minute video to say MONEY !  Hilarious.  Seriously though, great video and lots of info.  In 1964 it wasn't as intense as it is now.  I quit flying in 88.  Just no fun anymore.

  4. Very informative video. Too bad I just turned 60 two days ago (8/23/19). I'd love to still be able to fly in my small town area of Missouri. VFR is all I've ever really been interested in. I was signed up to begin training in the fall of 1979, but met my now Ex-wife in January of that year and my focus got changed. So 23 years with her, 3 kid's, and life, I never had time or could afford it. 🙁 RC's and Flight Simulators is as close as was able to come.

  5. 40 hours and 3 months later i had my license, in 1986. I could fly the plane in my sleep. 1990 was the last time since i have flown. I thought the loran was a big deal, cof to tol 814.7 nm at 350 degrees. I would have to spend a couple of hours learning the new navigation system.

  6. And don't get side-tracked thinking you'll pick it up again when you're in a better position. I started when I was 20, ran into a rough patch in my life, postponed it till it got better,got a job working offshore oil patch, making good money with 6 months a year off, spent those off days chasing pussy, hunting, and horses, and the beach. Got married, started a business, and kids, more horses. 62 now with a bad heart and slow reflexes. No chance of getting my certification now.
    Old man advice for anyone who will listen.

  7. I have a genuine question.
    (1)Are foreigners permitted to come to US and join flying schools
    (2) Does FAA provide PPL & CPL licences to foriegners
    Note: In my context foriegners are those who aren't US citizens

  8. Is it possible to get a private pilots license and people not be able to search for it online? Say you are a former spouse from a abusive relationship and didn't want the ex knowing where you live? This is a serious question and I can't find the answer. Is there a way this can be done? Thanks

  9. Also when we’re practicing or whatever I’m sure we have to land in lower class, less restricted airports right? Obviously not stuff like DFW lmao but prob something like a class g airspace would be appropriate to land in? Let me know if I’m getting something wrong cause I’m by no means good at this! Obviously I’m here to learn

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