What is Normal wear and Tear in a Reston Rental Property

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  1. omg, i could have sued the hell out of my old landlord!!! i have charges on my credit now from an apartment place over four years ago and she over charged me for a ton of things when i moved out and she DID NOT give me any reciepts, invoices or work orders from the contractors!!! im sure its probably too late to sue her now, but i want this damn bill off of my credit and she CLEARLY broke the law!! How can i dispute this and get if off of my credit report? i dont want to talk to the collection agency cus i dont want the statute of limitations to start over. Its been over four years and they cant legally try to get the money from me now. I WAS ROBBED Of my credit and that woman also abused us while we were living there!! we had death threats and our car had huge bolders thrown threw our windows and all kinds of different things we done to us while we lived there and this landlord did nOTHING to help us!!! tHEN SHE SCREWED US ROYALLY WHEN WE MOVED OUT!! we were not evicted and i cleaned the place when we moved!!! she charged us for the damn carpet that was totally stained from previous tenants, and charged us for the damn paint and 20 PER COUNTER TOP when i had already cleaned them!!! and a bunch of other bogus charges!! what can i do?? I was really sick back then, so thats why i didnt pursue legal action. thank you

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