What It's Like Travelling While Pregnant (pregnancy q&a)

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  1. We hope you enjoy this final little pregnancy video from this week 🙂 you all had sooo many questions that we thought we would sit down in front of our little cozy fire and answer them for you 🙂
    If you have anymore questions please leave them below!

  2. Please, please, please do not get a home doppler! If you aren't a health professional you can pick up your pulse or the placenta and the baby's heartbeat. It can give false reassurance and can be really dangerous if you use it instead of getting medical advice. Always talk to your midwife/maternirty team if you're concerned!

  3. Wow, you two are amazing… I was really worried you would stop traveling and I am sooo happy you are continuing! I admire your energy and I cannot wait for what is to come! I also love your way of traveling, how its a way of life that you chose, not for YouTube or for country counting etc. like many other youtubers do.

  4. We got our daughters passport at 2 1/2. We went to Netherlands and to Germany. She faintly remembers anything. She remembers experiences from 4 years and up vividly. I traveled between US and Japan as a baby and don’t remember anything. 5 years and up I recall memories. During elementary school we would just take our daughter out of school with her school work and travel rather than travel in the summer. I think waiting until she was older to take her abroad was the best decision.

  5. Yay Canada and SA – (I was born in Zim). Babies and airplanes is a sensitive thing both in pregnancy and newborn. Third trimester is rough for the mother because of blood pressure. Jess work out a ton will help. 4 months and travelling – remember a baby is sensitive to everything. Earplugs for the flight and I won't tell if you slip a little baby Tylenol for the flight. Can't wait for all the Disneyland trips :). Getting close to grandkids myself and love watching you guys explore the world. I wonder if an infant in a baby carrier is considered carry on luggage? LOL. I expect not only Disneyland trips but baby Christmases, birthdays and baby firsts. So happy for you both.

  6. Why not try breaking the journey with the baby into segments – to Sydney, then maybe Hawai'i and then Canada. That should keep the flight lengths down a bit. Also I think from my experience with a little, you will find you need to hire a car far more often for the suitcases of stuff the baby will need! Until you actually experience it, you will not understand how much pure "stuff" a baby seems to need….

  7. You shouldn't get one of the things to listen at home. Sometimes it can be hard to interpret when you're not trained and I have heard a lot of people who have them can't find the heartbeat and think the worst but they just can't find it because they're not trained. I can totally understand why you might want one for peace of mind but think it can actually have the opposite effect!

  8. Think that’s the best thing you can do is to continue your travel plans. But keep going so he or she will be able to experience the travels too. Having a baby is not a reason to “settle down”. Get out and take the little one with you.

  9. Another Travel YT couple, Heath & Alyssa, are traveling with their newborn! They are in Italy right now. Check them out for a little foreshadowing.

  10. Children need continuity and a routine. While they might enjoy travelling once in a while, being constantly on the road is overwhelming for them, especially the older they get. They want their friends around, their grandma, their playgroup etc. Travelling with a baby can work if the baby is a good sleeper and adapts easily. Otherwise it can quickly become a nightmare. I hope the best for you, but prepare to get slower paced. Plus, you should stay in one place for a longer period of time. Don't do 5 countries in two weeks. More like one country in two weeks. I am sorry if I disheartened you, I am just being honest. Fingers crossed for you, I hope it works out well for you.

  11. We took our 9 month old round the world uk/canada/hawaii/perth/sydney/ melbourne / road trip cairns to brisbane/ auckland/ Los Angeles back to London. Avoided far East due to vaccinations but great age to travel before they start moving. Plus that was 20 yrs ago.

  12. I am so excited for this guys ! For one, I’m so happy for you guys but also personally I love to travel and while I want to have kids soon I feel like traveling will have to slow down or stop all together for a while. I’m so excited to learn from your experiences and maybe I won’t feel so much like I have to compromise being a mom and traveling. I’m beyond excited for what’s to come ! 💛 Congrats again !

  13. Congratulations! We travel full time with our 4 kids. You've got this. We first left when our youngest was 2 and are currently in our 25, 26 (??) country now. It's definitely possible to travel with kiddos, we say that they are going to be kids wherever they are, so we may as well be in awesome places. 😉

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