What to do with kids in NYC | a family vacation guide

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32 thoughts on “What to do with kids in NYC | a family vacation guide”

  1. Join Emmanuel and I as we show you fun things to do in NYC with kids! In this video guide, we'll be visiting a few of our favorite spots in the city. However, there is a lot more to do with kids that I couldn't fit in this video! Comment below other things you think are great for NYC with kids!
    Other suggestions are (FULL ARTICLE ON THIS COMING SOON):
    1. The Bronx Zoo
    2. Central Park Row Boats
    3. The Museum of Natural History
    Book a tour with me: http://bit.ly/BookMyTourNow

  2. We love the ONe world observatory!! The M&ms store , also Central Park was nice , in Yonkers the Legoland discovery center it’s really good ! Ripleys ! I miss Toys store 🙁

  3. A little information abut the statut of liberty the metal is from a place El Hadjar in Anaba in Algeria during the french colonisation of Algeria the Eiffel Tower too was made of Algerian metal there is a monument in Algeria build by Gustave Eiffel that is made by the same metal as the Eiffel tower who came from the same place

  4. The measure of ones patience can be seen through hanging out with kids lol. You did well sarah,another great video showing us what to do..Keep up the good work

  5. Emmanuel is such a little show stealer! Love his enthusiasm. You want the truth? Ask a kid. Would love to see more of him! My daughter would love seeing him in prep for our visit haha

  6. Love this video! Something else I would suggest (but mostly if someone has a little girl with them) is the Stage Door Tour at Radio City Music Hall. You get to meet an actual Rockette at the end of it and is also on the slightly cheaper side! Great way to meet a Rockette (NYC icon) without having to pay the price for a ticket to the Christmas Spectacular, if for some reason you can't make it to that/can't afford it 🙂

  7. If nobody is gonna ask then I'm gonna ask. How do you even have such difference in age among your cousin? I can understand 5 years in between MAX but with her husband who is at least 30(?) now and his little brother is 7, that's 23 years age gap. HOW?

  8. Not for nothing, sister-in-law 😂, those D&B hot dogs and wings are looking kind of tasty right now. Good video… and I’m sure you’re very adult about the power card, you held his. Waiting for the kid to decide what prize they want is always a joy.. I give them 10 min. Glad he enjoyed Frozen… sometimes shows with kids can be a complete miss. Little surprised you skipped the Sugar Factory..it’s right by One World… but it can get crowded and expensive. The other one was a better choice. Can’t wait to see what awaits uptown.

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