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34 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY TRAVEL BAG?! ➟ LV Speedy 30”

  1. Girl, planes are an incubator for germs, sickness, etc so yes! Wipe it down! I am addicted to wipes! Yes! I knew the extra outfit was in there. Sunglasses and wallet. Great tips! I will be using this video as a reference.

  2. I travel 4 times a week so yes! You are doing everything right! I can say for sure that the earphones are NOT recycled. You can keep them or they go to the garbage.

  3. Yes girl always carry an extra outfit with me!!! You should do a video on how to pack with one carry on suitcase/bag. Maybe for a weekend trip and a week trip!!!! I’d love to see that!!

  4. My son & I needed this video several years ago. Our flight was delayed, & we had to stay in our connecting city overnight. Our luggage was sent ahead though. 😳 Didn't have anything we needed. Received some hygiene items from the hotel we stayed in & went to the 7-11 for other items. Only had enough juice left in my phone to call hubby & tell him of the layover, that my phone was about to die, and to please call my Mama & tell her we are fine. Smh!

  5. I just came back from Jamaica and I packed most of this and then some. I was traveling with my children so we definitely needed a little more in the carry on🙂

  6. I like to keep sanitizer, a small lotion (like from the hotels), a few feminine products, and pair of panties in my carry on. And if I'm going on a cruise or to a resort, I keep a swimsuit too!

  7. In my personal bag Where I keep my deodorant I also must must must have a brand new underwear ….brand new underwear is the most when you’re traveling if your bag just in case you get stuck without your suitcase always have a brand new piece of underwear in your bag

  8. I always pack all my underwears in my hand luggage and a few bras I dont like people touching my personal items. Plus a change of clothes and my pj, bath soap toothpaste, toothbrush as well as sandals and roll on.

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