What's in my TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG?// & Packing Tips!

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23 thoughts on “What's in my TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG?// & Packing Tips!”

  1. you can squeeze liquid makeup (or skincare too) into little contacts lens containers. It doesn't hold much but you'd be surprised how little foundation, primer, etc. you actually need for a week. you can also go to sephora/ulta/makeup counters to ask for samples of your fav products to take with you.

  2. That's a nice bag. I have one of those travel bags got it from ulta. Hope this isn't too nosy but what is your job? I wonder if it's enjoyable to travel for work, can't say that I have. I'm making a promise to myself to finally get on a plane next year(never flown😅)

  3. Hi Kelly! Thanks for showing us your travel makeup – I always love those kinds of videos 🙂 I know it’s been a while since glitter week, but I remember you being worried about your stila glitters drying out and I wanted to let you know I just discovered a way to revive dried-out glitters!! You just put a few drops of mixing medium into the tube (I use the one from NYX) and it literally makes them good as new.

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  4. You're coming to my area! It's actually been pretty pleasant temperature-wise. If you want to visit a good Sephora while you are here, try the Millenia Mall (expensive), or the Florida Mall (packed with tourists). These two stores have the best selections and the latest products. Have a great stay!

  5. This weekend my boyfriend and I are leaving for a week and a half international trip and we’re only taking carryons so I’m having fun trying to limit myself 🙄 and by carryons I mean backpacks 😅

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