When I almost Crashed a Biz Jet…

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10 thoughts on “When I almost Crashed a Biz Jet…”

  1. We had an issue recently which, eventually, meant cancelling the flight… But, we were being pressured by one of the family members onboard to depart with the issue… But, the decision was made not to depart, and although they were very unhappy, the reasons stacked up against it being even remotely safe to depart on our mission with the problem we had. Ultimately, the big boss was fine with it, he saw what our situation was, but the other member of the family was still not pleased. And, what was good was that, as the FA, I was fully involved in the decision making process and if I had of been unhappy, then we would not have departed, it was and either all or nothing decision amongst the crew.

  2. This should be common knowledge/sense. However, many business owners/celebrities are risk takers and no quite used to hearing “No”… nor heading sound (sincere) advice. Not all… but some. Thanks for another interesting video.

  3. Yet again – stunning content Fab. I especially appreciated your Mea Culpa re your early experience… as you know it’s rarely one issue but multiple together that cause catastrophes. Being pushed by the boss plus the overweight issue being a prime example – which luckily resulted in a close call…. keep em coming…

  4. Never understood why private jet owners push pilots to do something which is not recommended by pilots? Either there is trust deficit or owner thinks he is know all type. People need to understand that aircraft is not like a car where if things get bad, you can park it on side of the road. The only thing which can be told to pilots is change of destination mid-way incase some work gets scheduled while in flight before proceeding to original destination.

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