Where to Stay in Tokyo | Hotel or $100 Airbnb?

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13 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Tokyo | Hotel or $100 Airbnb?”

  1. Hahahah "to shoot … uhhh to experience cherry blossoms" ;D so relatable! Love the music, vibe and the b-roll, it's really inspiring. Nakameguro looks so beautiful, no wonder it's so crowded. Next year I hope I can visit there during cherry blossom season, too. :)) How cute are these Fuji-cookies?!! Thanks so much for sharing your tips and this beautiful video and being authentic!

  2. Ok but also lowkey was trying to track the timeline of the proposal and catch a glimpse of ze ring. LOL! Congrats and thank you for the recs for Tokyo!!!

  3. dang the transition and the editing of the video keep getting better!!!! i’ve only stayed at airbnbs in japan and would love to stay at a ryokan! thanks for sharing your experience with us and let’s meme victor’s face when sam said they’re here to shoot sakura 😂💕🌸

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