Which Grand Canyon Hotels and Lodging should I choose for my vacation?

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8 thoughts on “Which Grand Canyon Hotels and Lodging should I choose for my vacation?”

  1. Williams is a crappy OLD tourist trap town that gravy trains Route 66 and the Grand Canyon. Well below average 60s and 70s era motel rooms are very overpriced. Flagstaff has much higher quality hotels for not much more money. Also, there are ZERO decent dining options in Williams. Crappy overpriced "themed" restaurants selling $9.00 burgers. Fast food choices are horrible.

  2. Train noise in Flagstaff is no longer an issue, train horns at the numerous crossings being the primary concern. Trains no longer use their horns except in emergencies while passing through Flagstaff. I've stayed in motels on 66 directly across from the train route and as I mentioned train noise isn't an issue and I'm a light-sleeper.

  3. Is this a paid advertisement? I don't see the Red Feather Lodge mentioned and when one reads the reviews on Trip Advisor and other sites it is just as good (or bad one might say based on prices) as the others in Tusayan.

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