Why a House in NOT a Good Investment

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39 thoughts on “Why a House in NOT a Good Investment”

  1. Stupid ! If you don't buy a house, you spent money on rent. My house is ( almost ) paid., and I'll recuperate every penny I paid. Sell it and go in other country, where I came from, for retirement. I have plenty of time to sell my house, bozo !
    Rent money are GOON. This Bozo doesn't count money lost on rent.

  2. Makes a lot of sense but only have one question… If you buy real estate to rent it out, it still won't be cash flow positive… You'll have to pay some of the cost out of pocket because the rent won't cover all the expenses… So how is doing this a good idea? It's almost impossible to find properties where you profit right off the bat…

  3. I always felt like purchasing a house to live in was a bad investment even though most people I know think I'm crazy for thinking that. So I'm glad to hear your perspective Mr. Cordone👍

  4. Hello, just sharing a glitch I came across. (Not to brag) I’m a maintenance man by day I get a free 3 bed townhouse with a 2 car garage and, I make 19 dollars an hour. It’s a 200 unit complex which means we rarely do shit lol it’s a easy way to beat paying full rent for something you may never own. I also work at a nightclub by night as a porter making great tips and a great hourly wage plus we’re union that means we have the best medical insurance in Nevada.
    I’m in the process of getting my c2 Electrical license to be a electrical contractor = financial independence i think I figured it out!
    In five years I will retire and focus on living for a living oh btw I’m 27.
    Food for thought.

  5. A house is a purchase, not an investment. The fact that the banks can get away with telling ignorant people that a house is an investment means that they have some hard lawsuits to confront before they change the verbatum to telling people the truth-That a house is a purchase. It depreciates in value and it doesn't move. True, you can use AirBNB to rent your home out to strangers, but that doesn't mean your house is the one that made you the money. You used AirBNB to rent your home to strangers.

  6. Grant. In Canada, our primary residence is tax free gains. Does the same advice run true up here when rental properties are subject to capital gains taxes? I don't think so, as your mortgage rate of say 3.5-4% is like earning 5-6% pre tax, which is a decent cap rate lol.

  7. After that person buys the building for 750k. What is the minimum he should charge his renters per month? How much does he rent the land, or own the land we're the building sits on?

  8. But what if buying was cheaper than renting? Here in the uk renting is more more expensive monthly on a daily basis then buying, a average rented house would cost around £600 per month where I’m from. But a 90k house to buy with a 5% deposit would probably cost around £380 a month do you think it would still be a better option to rent?

  9. Grant thank you for a contrary to popular belief rebuttal to this concept! Buying in GROWTH markets and yes 5-6-7%+ appreciation isn't out of the norm! And how important deal structure is!

  10. I'm undecided about getting one. Once you pay off the mortgage, it seems you're just coming out even because of all the interest that you have paid over the life of the loan.

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