Why Basketball Fans Always Screw Up The Traveling Call

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  1. I was always under the impression that the second step that taken after gathering the ball becomes the pivot foot not the first step. This is why your allowed 2 steps, 0 step (on the gather) 1 step 2 step pass shoot layup. If you stop on the 2nd step then take another step it IS a 3rd step, which is a travel.

  2. 9:40 Hey hold on! I feel certain that something's wrong about the thing with deciding either foot to be pivot on double jump, which is jumping and landing on same foot is illegal so only back foot (left on the video) can be the pivot. In the end, double jump version is still illegal.

  3. Are these just the NBA interpretation of the rules? Or are they just the rules?

    Because if it's the latter…..Myself and everyone I know have had the wrong understanding of the travelling rules for literal generations…….and even if i were to watch this back when i started playing, if i tried this in a game at any level that i played in – i'd be called for a travel every time.

    I'm specifically talking about the bit at the start, lifting the pivot after planting it…….we were clearly instructed you could lift the pivot in a layup situation, but you can't stop that motion and start it again. This video makes sense, and i'm fine with it – but as i said, we'd be called every time.

  4. For the hoopers who have been struggling understanding what really the rule is…
    Here’s what I’ve searched in google:

    Definitions :

    Step :
    Lift and set down one's foot or one foot after the other in order to walk somewhere or move to a new position.

    Traveling :
    When a player has taken more than 2 steps without the ball being dribbled, a traveling violation is called. A travel can also be called via carrying or an unestablished pivot foot.

    Pivot Foot :
    A foot that remains planted on the floor until the player is ready to pass, shoot, or dribble the ball.

    Step in basketball :
    A step is when you lift your foot and set it on the ground. Only 2 steps after the dribble is allowed (If you consider the zero step then it will be 3) if stepped more times then you will be called for a travel.

    The first step after a dribble will be your pivot foot.

    The second step is the foot that you can move and step around, as long as your pivot foot does not move into different position it is lega

    After the second step, you are not allowed lift the pivot foot and step it again in a different position because it will be a travel.

    But, if you lift your pivot foot without setting it on the ground it does not count as a step.

    Remember stepping means you have to lift your foot and set it on the ground.

    In this case you are just lifting your foot and not setting it, so this means you haven’t done a step yet.

    This also means that it is legal to lift your pivot foot and jump with your planted foot to pass and shoot.

    But keep in mind if the referee still called for a travel this means you might not have done the move correctly, the referee doesn’t know about this rule, or the referee have a bad eyesight. Not all referees are the same and not all moves are done correctly keep that in mind.

    (Sorry for my bad english.)

  5. The step thru isn't confusing really. The issue is the rule abt gather step as step 0, then u are allowed 2 more steps to shoot or to pass. I still believe also that Harden's double step back should be called a travel since twice in that move u lift the pivot.

  6. If it looks like you traveled the ref are going to call travel. If it looks like you traveled the spectators are going to say you traveled. If it looks like you traveled the players on the court are going to say you traveled. Play ball

  7. I swear if I tried to explain this on the court in pickup ain't nobody tryin to hear that!!!…I'm about to start abusing fools at my next run lmao…I'm with Dev all my life I was told jump off two once you pick up the pivot…Great Video!!!

  8. Ive been thinking about this video for a day, and I really can't find any sympathy within myself for these refs. The system is broken and instead of doing something about it, refs just keep the status quo and are afraid to talk against one another. Refs have an "us against them" mentality against everyone, and I cant wait until the next revision, whenever that may be.

  9. Anywhere in Europe lift a pivot foot like that and you'll be called travel, I bet this guys saying it's not a travel in Europe never played any basketball league in their life. I played few years lower leagues basketball while I was younger, lift a pivot foot – instant travel, try to pivot after 1-2 or just stop the fluid motion – instant travel. The 1-2 stop-pivot after the dribble, like Hakeem the Dream was doing in the post were called travel unless you were a highly respectful player, even in a regular higher leagues games in Europe. That Hakeem post move is most of the time called a travel, everything that looks suspicious is called travel . On pickup basketball in Europe you'd also get called for a travel if you'd do any of these, no arguments. It's a shame because those 1-2 stops – pivot around the "1" are deadly, because the defenders are assuming you are going for the layup most of the time.

    I'm not saying the guys in the video are not right, as a matter of fact I think they are right, I'm just saying how it's called in Europe most of the time. Europe is way more strict for travel calls comparing to NBA.

  10. Thanks for this helpful video. There were a few areas you didn't address, which are (1) the layup; where the gather step, and then two more steps are allowed (three total steps). In that scenario, the second step is your established pivot, and (2) there is the James Harden move "extra" steps for his step back, because his hand is still above the ball, so that his "gather" step does not start until he puts two hands on the ball or his hand under the ball.

  11. "You can lift your pivot foot to shoot or pass." Assuming I've never dribbled, can you also dribble after lifting your pivot? Say I catch a pass going for a layup. After leave the ground, I decide the shot is bad and dribble before I land back on the ground. Travel?

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