Why Can't I Get a LEASE OPTION?? 😡😭 | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds #3

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34 thoughts on “Why Can't I Get a LEASE OPTION?? 😡😭 | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds #3”

  1. Hi Samuel,
    What have you done or what are your thoughts on when in a property deal, the valuers value the property at the exact same as the agreed price? Surely not a coincidence but is this more likely that the buyer is overpaying and could’ve got a better price? I am negotiating 3 properties from the same seller, after my research I think I got the price to a good deal, but of the 3, 1 was valued 20% higher and 2 at the exact same as the agreed price (which was a shock). Do I go back to the seller and renegotiate? (I don’t think I have any leverage to negotiate at this stage esp since they’re not valued lower) or am I looking into it too much? They all need work and refurbing but have long-standing tenants which I can leave in there for now. If the 2 are valued at the agreed price it then leaves me no equity to take out in 6-12 months to spend on the refurb and means spending my own money. I hope you get the jist of my predicament and I would be so grateful for your input. Love your work man keep it up. Thank you

  2. Awesome overview Sam! Loved the concise point that you had. My question would is how would you recommend investing in the UK from somewhere like Australia or New Zealand? Keep doing what you do best 🙂

  3. Mr. Leeds GOD bless you such a master teacher please subscribe share and attend his training its worth it 💯 so much respect for you, your family and work. Come to Columbus Ohio USA 🇺🇸 and do the 100k subs financially free challenge🔥🔥🔥

  4. Hi Samuel love the videos! I have read both of but low rent high and financially free in seven days and just finished alisdairs book, I’ve gone to a few networking events and have booked onto your crash course late June, what advice would you give me in the mean time as I want to get involved more without being a motivated idiot, thanks again and keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Samuel I was also wondering could you put your crash course up on YouTube red so people who can’t make it can learn and you can also charge money for the course

  6. Hi sammuel

    I currently still live with my parents however I want to move out and I also want to get started with property what’s are the best steps for me to take .

  7. UK based but with talking about US do you watch any of MeetKevin and Graham Stephan… which then brings me on to your view on Grant Cardone/ uk equivalent Rob Moore

  8. Samuel i really want to go to the crash course, but im in school etc and although i could make it and afford it, im getting a lot of opposition from my parents about traveling down from Scotland to get there. is it really worth going now? will it show me how to get started at my age and what i can do? or am i better off going the next year and get my licence job and getting other stuff sorted out and just continue learning at home?(17 currently)

  9. World tour idea and question on US are gold. Would love to help you out with anything you need for free. Pls contact me if you need anything. What do you think of Multi lets in the US for young professionals and students?

  10. Hi Samuel, if you want to get into property investment however you bought your first property through the help to buy government scheme, how would you go about doing so?, Help to Buy scheme doesn't let you buy other properties without paying off the equity loan first, would a Ltd company be a loop hole?

  11. Thank you for your advice once again Samuel, I really hope to see you around in Germany in the future to learn from your experience! Sadly I can't afford to travel to the UK for your courses to learn all the good stuff about property investment…

  12. When sourcing deals 20% BMV, and the seller accepts the offer. What process needs to happen for you to package the deal all ready for an investor and make it worth the finders fee you charge?

  13. When you go around the world you should also take us around to the attractions of those places. just like Grant Cardone. anyway I think it will be really interesting to watch AROUND THE WORLD WITH SAMUEL LEEDS.

  14. How do I say to my parents that I don’t want to go to college but want to get into flipping houses to start with and gaining capital, and then using that capital to gain a portfolio of renting properties?

  15. What are you talking about? Buying a house for 40k? In Belgium, a single bedroom apartment in Mechelen is 200k +-. And I can rent that for 700€/month. That does not look like the mad profits you guys are making? Is this even worth it?

  16. Nice idea, doing a world ticket for investing and I'm sure it would be great information however if you haven't done a world ticket before it's probably best to switch off a bit for some "me time" and soak up the experience.

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