Why Travel Vlogging SUCKS! – Problems with Youtube Travel Channels

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  1. So simple: YOU ARE GONNA SPEND MORE MONEY THEN YOU ARE GONNA GET FROM YOUTUBE. AND MOST PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY SEEN ALL THE NEW & HIDDEN THINGS UNDER THE SUN …LIKE IN THAT QUOTE: ~ Nothing new under the sun ~ SINCE: YouTube/Founded >> February 14, 2005, San Mateo, California, United States

  2. wow I learnt so much about this kind of genre from you. I trying to make vids in China and Hong Kong it's not easy, its a beautiful and tough area. so much more to learn, from equipment to camera work. so informative thanks! you got my sub. Thanks man!

  3. Reaction channels are exactly the same. I know a guy who built his channel by reacting exclusively to Queen videos, as soon as he switched it up and started to do other reactions his Queen subscribers just abandoned him, it was almost instant. This is why, IMO, just straight up vlogging about your everyday life is so successful on YouTube. Your subs are subbing for YOU, not for anything else, so they'll be super loyal no matter what you do.

    The other genre would be helpful 'how to' type channels, but then you have to keep finding new ways to be helpful and new things to teach. At least your channel does this to some extent, you're not just traveling around showing everyone what an awesome time you're having, you also provide some helpful info/advice in a lot of your videos so that'll keep people coming back.

  4. I think its a different way people look at travel vlogs, I don't follow anyone specific, but if I am planning a trip somewhere I might search for vlogs to that destination specifically just to see what to expect and what to do.. guess I am lazy that instead of tripadvisor I depend on them.

  5. I watch "travel vloggers" for their personality. I follow some you tubers that go to places like Chechnya, I like to follow their adventures. And they don't do all these; Look at me eating this regional food stuff etc.
    You guys and girls are also, at least for me, the new travel agencies. I see content and I'm like. Awesome, I want to go explore that for myself!
    Keep it up man, people like you for being you not the countries you visit.

  6. I am travel vlogger from India and started less than a year. Oh man you said something which is stuck in my mind from long time. Your video answer so many answer which I was struggling to find and feeling bit relaxed and calm now. Keep creating such videos. Lots of love and wishes.

  7. I have to admit I'm one of those flaky travel channel subs who only come for the content that interests me, which is mainly any video that isn't about Western Europe, North America and Japan. I love watching content about less explored places and I love videos that are raw and not just drone shots over islands with crystal blue water- by raw I mean at the airport, on the long bus, getting lost etc. I found you through your trans Siberian content and I'm glad to hear you say you'll do more travel you want to! Look forward to seeing whats next.

  8. So I watched a lot of NYC vlogs prior to my trip last week. One thing I've noticed is that many folks show all the cool things to do in each neighborhood (free and paid events). The one thing I haven't seen is how to stay in NYC on the cheap. I stayed in Midtown on my last trip. I would like to watch someone talking about airbnb, hostels, couch surfing…the good, the bad and the roach infested ugly. What are the options to stay and get lost in East Village, Greenwich Village, NOHO etc? I did hit some of your suggested places. Thanks so much.

  9. lol This was pretty funny to watch as i have actually thought the same thing and talked about it with some friends – but only as "why" is everything i see with travel channels looking exactly the same. ultimately as a New london based travel channel i never worry about all that because i can only control my own channel plus enjoy what i do. so after 97k clearly bro your doing very well and so all is well – #teamsolo plus @woltersworld makes a good point too

  10. Also, looking at Travel Video viewers on YouTube, many are actually doing research (we get mostly people doing research on a destination they are going to visit) and they watch the videos on that destinations then they never watch again. Until their next trip and hopefully they come back to watch for the next destination. It is a tough area to be in. I always tell people looking to do this that they need to have other revenue streams. I have a full time job and do the travel vlogging, because you have to. There are only so many shirts and stickers people will buy. I wish you luck TC.

  11. You make some valid points. I saw the repetition and stopped doing the old "Top 10 Sights" hence why we started doing all kinds of other types of travel videos. And going to those popular places gets the views, but we find going to where we want to go actually has helped keep us focused on traveling and helping people.

  12. I’ve learned first hand about growing audiences in other countries. That’s what has happened to my channel lol. Every time I leave the US, I get views. I post US videos (that’s the majority of my content) and I get much, much fewer views. My wife isn’t as much apart of my channel as other channels. It primarily focuses on me, but I don’t feel like that’s doing me any favors. I love travel vlogging, but as you said, it is tough!

  13. I agree to 100%! I want to add only one thing: Youtubes audience is dominated by hormonic influated, dull teeny kiddies … their brains aren't made for individuality, complexity and sophisticated content.

  14. you seem so sound we would be friends for sure. i feel like youre talking about the juicy vlog hahaha i watch travel vlogs all the time and i hate when they stay in one country for too long so i will be following you on your future travels. so funny i went off this video to your channel and first thing i saw was filipino malls are insane hahaah get your coin no shame

  15. Found your channel when looking for stuff about Hawaii. Stayed and subscribed because you were articulate, interesting, and frankly, not sounding like every other travel vlogger. Also, NOT doing some cheap tricks that 90% of the other travel vloggers do in their vids.

    I'm in Hawaii now as I write this, so kudos, it worked. But I haven't had a chance to dig through your uploads to see where you went to. When I do, I'll be curious to see what your take in all the places you've been to. Best of luck.

  16. Well in the Philippines. Viewers tend to get view fatigue of clickbaits. Well there are some pretending to be in the Philippines but they are not. Well they get bashed. Yeah that is what happened to a certain vlogging channel. While in the Philippines they edited too many Filipino content and when they left the Philippines that is what they released. For me viewer satisfaction is what matters most or else even though if you are 100k if you keep on clickbaiting then you are gonna be unsubscribed.

  17. I'm glad you pointed out about this problem. I honeslty feel about about my country when "travel vloggers" exploit us for views. There's one channel that keeps doing it and still posts videos about my country even though they're in a different country right now (hint: they're a british couple vloggers). Though I've noticed that some of their subscribers are now finally seeing the pattern they are doing and are pretty much angry about it. Their videos went from an average of 100k views to just 10k. They're now suffering the consequences of exploiting a targeted community.

  18. Yes, glad you made this as someone needed to. You are 100% correct my friend. Things are very much getting repetitive now. 5 years ago there was no way to really grow fast in the Philippines as 90% of people here only had flip phones, now everyone has access to a smart phone and cheap internet so the cat was out of the bag 3 years ago when Lost Leblanc blew up his channel here. Same thing is now happening in India with a population 10x the size. But I think it will eventually evolve into something new in a few years, hopefully not so repeatative.

  19. Travel vlogging is hard for sure. I started my channel travel vlogging and created a year of content with very little growth. You talk about this formula that you know will grow someones travel video around 10min mark. You should create a series for your channel all about this and teach people this. You'll bring a new audience into your channel

  20. I just stumbled onto your channel and I think your doing fine. I have subscribed. Yes, of course you need to earn money to live but you also have to be true to yourself to be happy. If there's someplace you've always wanted to go…go. Will everyone love it? Some will and some won't but you won't know until you've gone. Many blessings and safe travels.

  21. Been watching you for a while, glad I checked out this vid, I joined your channel from your cargoship series, and can agree to the trends that you're talking about, would you say that travel youtube is worth starting, or would you start from scratch now having gained this knowledge

    Keep it up ma dude

  22. Have you seen Kara & Nate's travel channel? They're doing 100 countries, are somewhere in the 80s & go to all kinds of strange countries! Turkey! Istanbul! India would be cool!

  23. Hey bro im still watching your vlog…im from the Philippines 👍 continue vlogging!Filipinos will always be watching your channel that’s how supportive we are 👍 we want to see other places too 😀

  24. The CPM is always greatest for North America and Europe so if you vlog in English you will always get more ad revenue from the USA, Canada, UK and Austrailia. So going to China or India will get you numbers of viewers and subscribers but not proportionately more money. But your loyal viewers in the west will stay and many immigrants from those countries who live in the diaspora will join you. Hence your assessment is inaccurate.

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