Why use solid oak in a £35 hotel? Travelodge room design in 2019!

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49 thoughts on “Why use solid oak in a £35 hotel? Travelodge room design in 2019!”

  1. We have the flip sink plugs. New build, after a year the hard water we have in our area had seized them shut. They are super hard to get unstuck when they do. You basically have to descale them every few months.

  2. An unrelated comment to the video but how much would you charge to supply and fit a basic straight flight of stairs, including removing and disposing of old one?

  3. Some Hilton’s (and their other brands) are bringing in digital keys. You have to use their app and I’m not sure if it’s using NFC or something else but it will sense which part of the hotel you’re in and give you a ‘key’ for the lift, your room, etc depending where you are

  4. My recent extended stay at a Hilton Homewood Suites let you open the door with your phone, but only if you sign up for their awards program. The furniture had lots of glue squeeze out that was not removed, which was shocking.

  5. My experience of the flip top basin waste isn't very good…. After 11 months of use it started to get stiff when flipping it to the point where it actually seized solid.
    I took it back where I had it from and they said they have nothing but problems with them, apparently bits of grit work their way down the sides wearing the plug and making the plug drop to the point it won't turn…. The only way to then turn it is by applying pressure from under the plug…..which obviously isn't very good.
    I don't know if I've explained the problem very clearly but I ended up replacing it with a pop up waste.

  6. Pods might be great for costs, but I've seen quite a few wet room pods in Travelodges that have great problems with drains – blocked and no trap. Think it's down to 'quality control' when its all thrown into the building, particularly when its not a new build. Oh, and don't ask them to fix it, cos you'll waste your breath.

  7. GRP Pods are very prone to expansion, the cracks are showing on the one you featured. Lots of Hotel construction jobs have stopped using them. As for the Push Fit Plumbing, they’ve used Hep2o, it’s the best👍

  8. Interesting. All the rounded corners in the bathroom are going to make for easier and better cleaning too.

    I’d much rather have the plastic pod than the shiny marble in fancier places. I always feel I’ll slip and die every time I get out of the bath/shower.

  9. There may not be sufficient fan usage or other HVAC equipment to maintain acceptable, constant humidity levels. High humidity or fluctuating humidity can cause paint failure and/or shrinkage issues. The paint and plaster may be fine.

  10. I believe joints over the door are movement/expansion joints, as evidenced at the bottom of the door where there were cracks, there always has to be an allowance for movement and the door opening is going to be the weal spot as it has the thinnest part of the pod and the door adds additional movement.

  11. Nice one, Andy. Just been playing snooker at a place where their gents has been refurbished. Nice job with cistern hidden behind large melamine clad panels, which I assume are easy to remove for maintenance.

  12. Really interesting Andy, great subject material. I'd never considered how much thought goes into long term maintenance costs. And I was in a Hilton in York recently where there was an option to unlock your door with your phone. Not the first time I've seen it in the UK either.

  13. That is fascinating. I noticed in the seamless bathroom thing in a new Travelodge in York. I assumed they must have some kind of 'magic' invisible seam as there was no way they would have got the whole thing through the room door in on piece. Little did I know the whole pod is craned in during the construction phase! Ingenious. Thanks for all your effort producing these great videos.

  14. Currently watching this video in the Doubletree Hilton Edinburgh which uses the mobile phone to open the room door. It was a recent install back in the summer. With the simple use of the Hilton App, I can check-in, choose a room, save a favourite room for regular stays and access my room all via my phone.

    Im also in the process of a home renovation and take inspiration from my hotel stays

  15. Disassembling your hotel room is really cheeky! The hotel looks like modular build so i would imagine the bathroom pod was installed in the factory. The video was quite informative and thoughtfully presented.

  16. Similar ideas in the past for council properties. I had a friend who was a contract chippie who liked working on council contracts because nothing was skimped, the best materials were used. This was 40 years ago of course when councils still had a housing stock.Having lived in a council property in my teens I can vouch for this, compared to the quality (or lack of ) in my first new-build house.

  17. Brilliant video as usual 👍, but going off subject could I have your expert advice on glue. I recently bought 5 Ltr of no nonsense PVA to seal a newly plastered wall and the cost was £9.99 In my wisdom I thought I would glue 2 bits of timber together with it to see how strong said PVA was, to my surprise the wood failed before the PVA , so my question is what’s the difference between PVA and much more expensive wood glue 🦍

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