Why you SHOULDN'T buy a home

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22 thoughts on “Why you SHOULDN'T buy a home”

  1. I just want to make it clear: The content of the video is about the pros and cons of Renting vs Buying a home, and how to decide which would be the best route given the situation, cost, timeframe, etc.

  2. I can't personally say I've purchased a home, but I can most definitely agree with the benefits of renting! As a college student, having the benefit of having a fully furnished apartment with no concerns towards repairs and maintenance is nice.

  3. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY…. I WANT A HOUSE. MY OWN BACKYARD, GARAGE AND FRONT YARD.. tired of living next to people that smoke week AND HAVE LOUD SEX.. Just live within your means. Don't keep up with the joneses. Have a savings. Always have other accounts like emergency,rainy day ect.

  4. Graham I bought my first house at 23. I'm paying myself everytime I pay on it the cost of renting is double the cost of owning where I live. The goal was to reduce cost and pay off my student loans. Its had its ups and downs, but I was very careful when I bought and got a great deal and instant equity. Prior to meeting my girlfriend i had 3 tenants on separate occasions and was practically living for free at those times. Now looking back on it, this is why want to establish a portfolio now. Renting out rooms wasnt complicated at all. Also when I picked this particular house I spent an entire year shopping and probably looked at like 50 houses. This alone allowed me to learned a ton. I'm saving now for a down payment on my second property while my girlfriend finishes school. We plan to work full time careers and start acquiring properties.

  5. Hey so I see that you always ask about ideas for future videos so one I had in mind is a video of what kinda of job someone should pursue after highschool if they aren't going to college and the upside and downside to that potential pathway, along with what would be needed in each career

  6. I don’t pay mortgage OR rent. I am a truck driver and live in my truck comfortably. Even the truck I dont pay for. Nor fuel, electricity, A/C, etc since it’s a company truck. In the day that I’ll need to rent or buy a home, I’ll have saved lots of money from not paying any current living expenses except food. That’s the plan at least, God willing.

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