Wild – Local Sound | Hotel Sessions

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36 thoughts on “Wild – Local Sound | Hotel Sessions”

  1. This is some awesome music! You guys actually have a "sound", not just worship being sung in the same rhythm and monotone expression… this is fun! Thankxxxx and keep it up-this is the future of worship as we know it! It will be the unique expression of the youth to God, and it is gonna be much more powerful, I KNOW it <3 πŸ˜€

  2. Anyone tried chording this out yet? Sitting here trying now and can't grab all of it. Too funky for my ears I suppose!

    I know enough to know that it's a repeating phrase that lasts half the verse. 1 ascending line, 1 descending line, 1 different line, then a very similar descending line repeated throughout the song. I have bits and pieces, but I can't find the rest of it. Any help is appreciated!

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