William is a homeless man living on the streets of Chicago.

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14 thoughts on “William is a homeless man living on the streets of Chicago.”

  1. Am sorry but he put him self in this situation, and taxig the American people to house these parasites is just like putting honey out for the ants. Liberalism is truly a mantel disorder.

  2. The government spent 50% more money on military that includes war than its citizens of the country. We have so many naval basis that are positioning around the world. This is an easy mathematics.

  3. His eyes are all baggy red-yellowy/ he looks old/wrinkly/beat up scars/very tired looking…. he looks like he is almost dying…. yet he is talking very humbly or at peace with his life……

  4. Homelessness is big, big business, pumping billions every year into the shelter industry; the prison and law enforcement industries; Big Pharma (whose drugs are subsidized by the government for those people who are forced onto them); the real estate associations that launder foreign money through our housing and keep property values high; the private landlording industry; the massive bureaucracy of social workers; on and on… Homelessness could be solved overnight, but there's too much money at stake, too many industries incentivized to perpetuate the problem … The only rule of our society is "have money or die."

  5. Good video. I hope someone gives this man a fair chance. I wish I lived closer I would love to help him. Sometimes in life we just need that one friend help us threw the bad n good days. Some people don't have that one person they can turn to.. Praying things get better for him..

  6. I've been homeless without family or parents since 15 years old and God has made me into an instrument of truth because of it through my pains and experiences in life and I want to empower others with my conclusions and thoughts I would like to work with you the admin of this channel I would also like to make a video for your channel that is going to be very powerful Im a motivational speaker as well as an Entrepreneur I'm a recording artist on Itunes, Spotify, Google play, apple store. blue badge verified on Facebook as @SincereMuzic I am starting a channel based around this topic and doing what your doing with the homeless since I am homeless I am in the street th emost with the best outlook over all and engagement with homeless people on a dialy basis. please contact me [email protected]gmail.com http://www.sinceremuzic.com

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