William, Kate & kids take £73 FlyBe flight after Harry and Megs get criticised over private jets

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40 thoughts on “William, Kate & kids take £73 FlyBe flight after Harry and Megs get criticised over private jets”

  1. I love it! A publicity stunt because they think we're stupid. If I flew 100 times a year and had a private jet waiting for me, I'd fly on my jet. Climate change is the left's way of eating itself alive. You can't win.

  2. This was nothing more than a PR stunt gone bad. Turns out this was a 49 seat jet that flew EMPTY for 500 miles just to pick up William, Kate and his brood. It ended up making a bigger carbon impact than if they would have just flown privately. Lights, camera, action! This was all staged.

  3. Now we know the whole plane stunt was a PR set up arranged the night before! They were going by private jet! And this stunt ended up making more environmental damage by forcing empty plane to go hundreds of smiles out of the way so they could APPEAR thrifty. Bad move.

  4. Ill never understand why anyone cares about a family who has 0 power and is literally given billions out of the taxpayers pocket to do nothing other than live a free lavish lifestyle.

  5. The difference is that the public adores Will and Kate, no matter what they do, say or wear, while Harry and Meghan are abused daily and scrutinized over every last detail. So it's YOUR fault they're in a private jet, for giving them daily crapola, especially Meghan. They don't want that kinda hell with a newborn, why would they.

  6. If Hogwarts would let more muggles in we could learn to fly on brooms and not have to fly on airliners. Britain pushing for all this climate change but won't share magic school.

  7. SO WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE THAT 2 PLANES FLEW THERE EMPTY TO PICK UP THE FUTURE KING, his family, and any staff & security that traveled with them. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE CARBON FOOTPRINT IS FOR THAT SIZE OF PLANE? WHO WHAT’S TO DONATE THE MONEY TO OFFSET CARBON FOOTPRINT FOR THOSE 2 PLANES. No I don’t know why 2 planes were necessary but it doesn’t matter. No one asked why it was necessary for Prince Harry & his family to take a private plane. Maybe they took it for work commitments since Meghan’s been working privately while on maternity leave. Did Kate do that? OR because Meghan & his son have been getting death threats for destroying your precious Prince Harry’s life. If you think I’m joking you’ve not been paying attention.

  8. Distraction from Prince Andrew and Epstein. By the way, I thought they were not going to fly together cause it was a royal rule in case the plane crashed. They did not want future kings to die at the same time.

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