Windy Gulfstream Landing on Long Island – Pilot VLOG 143

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44 thoughts on “Windy Gulfstream Landing on Long Island – Pilot VLOG 143”

  1. I thought the FO did a fantastic job. There was a lot to stay on top of. I noticed he asked a lot of "do you want…" so I'm thinking the cohesiveness is lacking in this team, for now, but I liked the way he kept the pilot up to date even if it meant reminders; staying in the zone. They'll get it figured out in the post-flight debrief.

  2. You’re working hard in this one, Shaun! Thanks for the recordings and for putting it all together for us. Always interesting seeing all the details of the approach and landing.

  3. Haha, guess I'm one of the few guys who likes the FO and his steady checks and updates. In his defense, have we ever watched a crash investigation video where steady and relevent updates hurt situational awareness or pilot performance? Plus, they were having trouble with the FMS so I would rather the guy keep communication open.

  4. You got switched to 125.97 (which was odd coz 120.05 was more appropriate… and they realized it…)
    I wasn't surprised to see Lisa not answering you either.
    That was an awful spot (out by Captree Br.) for rwy 1 at KFRG.

  5. Look at that AP autopilot working away 15:42 keeping it level in that windy turb… then Shaun takes over … woww. lot of turb and rocking there on approach on a bug but corp jet like that… 15:57 Is that considered mod turb ? thx great great video… again awesome look inside yur coool Gulfstream cockpit.n

  6. Nice job on handling her U turn and with all the stuff going on with the setup approach they have even with you being the only aircraft on the D! Great video Shaun!

  7. Awesome content Shawn as always!! Keep it up, I think the cameras made your FO a little nervous as well as the winds in busy airspace. As always love watching your content, you're an inspiration!! Looking forward to seeing more from you!
    Ps; loving seeing you in the left seat!

  8. In terms of flying, I think this is your best video to date. That was a difficult situation you were given by ATC and you handled it with great skill. That gust right before touchdown was exciting to watch! Well done!

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