Woman in Chicago dies of Candida Auris

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8 thoughts on “Woman in Chicago dies of Candida Auris”

  1. Clean your home with bleach with dawn dish soap the dawn has something in it that acts as a transporter to bring the bleach to the root of the spore and kill it than let dry than spray with apple cider vinegar mold will not come back I have been doing this for years and yes it works I use a cup of bleach 2tbs dawn to 1 gallon water than spray straight apple cider vinegar

  2. Thank you Miss Linda.This is the first I ever heard of this.There has been quite a few deaths as of recent. Most of which were in good health and their deaths happened guickly. Friends and friends of friends and on April 22,2019 ,my brother in law. Different reasons were given. Sepsis, Heart failure, aspiration pneumonia. The common denominator of the deaths are that they were all taken to the same hospital. A lot of people in my community are going out of their way to further hospitals because the running joke (not funny) is that …You can check in but you'll check out in a body bag. There are rumors that this hospital will be closing their doors….I don't know the reasons why…..most assume financial problems. When I looked at your map…I saw my state in black (over 100 cases) .I live in New Jersey. It's a small state but densely populated. Thank you for this information. I pray you continue to wake the people . Stay strong…,in Jesus name.

  3. So you go to the hospital cuz you're sick and instead of getting cured you contract a disease that will kill you wow… Moral story stay away from hospitals…?

  4. Candidas Auris can be cured with Turpentine. Please research it. It has to be diluted and used by drops with water I believe. Old timers knew this less than 100 years ago.
    Cancer is caused by Bacteria & Fungus & Viruses.
    Please look up Hulda Clarke's, "Cures For Everything" Book.
    But Turpentine done the way it's supposed to, kills Candidas Auris. Figure it out, before these cures disappear.
    So Hospitals, nor Doctors, do Not know how to cure anything anymore? It is forbidden to be educated at Medical Schools unless it involves Prescribing Drugs, Learning Insurance Billing & Slicing & Dicing, No Curing!! They do save lives many times, but they are not taught cures, they are taught to mask the symptoms & put the patients on prescribed drugs for monthly sales for life.

  5. Not being a doctor, but a person of medical observation and living a life and raising children that follows an alternate path, people need to consider redusing their white sugar in take, start taking a refrig probiotic and/or fermented foods along with apple cider vinegar (taken from a bottle with a "mother", not the pills – pills don't have the mother at as high of a concentration), coconut oil, and up veggie and healthy fiber…and get some sun! …same suggestion as for many cancer patients….the reason this illness is going crazy is our diets and the high use of antibiotics that have killed off the good bacteria and because most of us do not get even 10 minutes of sun a day …many of us understand that the overgrowth of Candida is what causes cancer patients to go downhill faster…(something else to ponder – since the M-M-R affects mucous lining of the intestine, those who get the v-a-x may have a higher probability of getting the C-A). PS…don't you love, as you pointed out, her last name is "Spores"? I have noticed lately that stories that seem to be FF (even though real people and death is happening in them), have names associated with the FF topic?

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